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Picture of the Hawaiian Islands ChainNow YOU can visit Niihau, the Hawaiian "Forbidden Island" - where "time has stood still". One of only three places in the world where technology has not yet moved in, Niihau Island (if you pronounce it "Nee-ee-how" you'll be pretty close) is a 72 square mile privately owned island just southwest of the island of Kauai. Purchased from King Kamehameha in 1864, this island has preserved many of the traditional ways of life, including the Hawaiian language, and is inhabited by about 200 locals whose primary language is Hawaiian.

Accessible via Niihau Helicopters you can now escape for half a day to this island as a guest of the owners and spend some time on this beautiful and pristine island.

This generally arid island has become home to many free roaming animals on which the Polynesian Boar, Hybrid Sheep, Eland and Oryx have been flourishing on. So you can experience the thrill of a great hunt by going on a Hunting Safari.

Lacking the flowers the other islands are now famous for, Niihau Island has become famous for their beautiful leis crafted from the tiny shells which populate their beaches. Now you can own some of this beautiful jewelry made with Niihau Aloha Picture of Fishing with a Throw Net

Niihau Island is located 18 miles from the island of Kauai across the often-times rough Kaulakahi Channel. The oldest of the inhabited Hawaiian islands, Niihau is also the least changed by modern progress. The Niihauans fish and hunt for their main staples of food, with their diet supplemented by supplies brought in by air and sea by the owners of the island. The residents of Niihau still hunt with ropes and knives and fish with spears and nets. Picture of Niihau Book Cover

Once they purchased the island in 1864, the owners made a commitment to the maintenance of the Hawaiian culture. If you are interested in obtaining more information on this uniquely special culture, you can purchase a copy of the book "Niihau - Present Circumstances and Future Requirement in an Evolving Hawaiian Community" written by Philip A. Meyer in 1998. This is a cultural study authorized by the owners and residents of Niihau Island, written in both english and hawaiian and owned by the chuch of the people of Niihau - Hoomana Ia Iesu Church, Inc. The book is $45.00 plus tax and shipping. Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing a copy of this book.