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Niihau shell leis

Direct to you from the island of Niihau comes this beautiful Niihau Shell jewelry ranging in styles from casual to very dressy. This incredibly popular and beautiful jewelry composed of the tiny shells that populate the beaches of Niihau can be yours to commemorate and/or experience some of the Niihau Aloha from this beautiful island.

Pricing for shell lei are determined by the colors and types of shells; style and quality of the stringing; and the length of the lei.

We have a large selection of leis available and they can be created in various shell colors: Yellow, Blue, White with Red tip, Off-White, Speckled Brown, Speckled Dark Brown. Prices can vary with the shell colors. Displayed below are a few of each type for sale here on our website. If you have a specific request (for instance longer length, more or less strands, different colors...) please don't hesitate to contact us. We may indeed have something on hand or we may be able to have it created for you.

Click on an item for a more detailed look.

For everyday wear, the Pikake shell lei made with momi shells is the most common. This lei is 18" long and strung in white shells.

Item# 18P01W0125

A dressier look is this three-strand Pikake style lei in white momi shells. This type of lei can also be made with each strand in a graduated length. On this lei all three strands are 18".
Item# 18P03W0450

Another casual to dressy style is the single Olepelepe lei. This 3-strand white momi lei is 20" long.

Item# 20S03W0185

Comprised of both momi and kahelelani shells, this popular style is strung to imitate the Heliconia flower. This one is strung in a choker length of 16" with white momi and red kahelelani shells.

Item# 16H01WR0250

The wedding leis of Niihau are often made with "laiki" or "rice" shells. This yellow/white lei consists of ten strands of laiki shells, all 18" long.

Item# 18L10Y0500

This delicate looking 18" lei is comprised of laiki shells and akala colored kahelelani shells.

Item# 18D01LK0085

The Kipona style of lei comprises both momi and kahelelani shells in styles and patterns created by the crafter. This is an 18" lei with a mixture of colors in both the momi and kahelelani shells.

Item# 18K01MM0300

This 18" Kipona style lei is comprised of rarer blue momi with akala kahelelani shells.

Item# 18K01BA0300

This 20" Kipona style lei is crafted with white momi shells and a mixture of kahelelani shells

Item# 20K01WM0350

This set of post earrings in a pua (flower) style with white momi and red kahelelani shells.

Item# EPPWR035

These lovely earrings in the poepoe (rope) style are done all in the akala colored kahelelani shells

Item# EPA0125

This set of dangly earrings are done in the poepoe (rope) style with akala colored kahelelani and match the following necklace

Item# EH20PAPIPI085

This beautiful Poepoe (Rope) style necklace is made with Akala Colored Kahelelani and matches the above shown earrings.

Item# 18PAH201200

This set of post earrings in a pua (flower) style with white momi and green and red kahelelani shells.

Item# EPPWGR035

This set of post earrings in a pua (flower) style with white momi and brown and red kahelelani shells.

Item# EPPWBR035

This set of post earrings in a pua (flower) style with white momi and red and brown kahelelani shells.

Item# EPPWRB035

This is a lovely Helekonia lei done in white momi shells with Akala colored kahelelani shells. This necklace can have a cowry shell or golden hook clasp.

Item# 18HWA0350

This wonderful Kipona style necklace is made of White Momi Shells with red and yellow kahelelani shells.

Item# 18KRY0250

Done in the Poepoe (Rope) style, this beautiful 18" lei is strung entirely of the Akala colored kahelelani shells.

Item# 18PA1000

This Kahelelani Kipona Lu Pololei beautiful 18" lei is comprised of a mixture of kahelelani shells in 5 strands.

Item# 18K05M02500

This 36" lei is 5 strands of green and striped with various other color matched kahelelani shells.

Item# 36K05M8000

This lovely Lokelani Lei is strung with white Momi and Red Kahelelani Shells and can be closed with your choice of clasp.

Item# 18LWR0450